Remembering Joe and Jadin Bell....

DENVER — As he made his way across the country, Joe Bell walked through rain squalls, slept in ditches and talked to anyone who would listen about how his gay son had killed himself after being taunted and bullied at school.

Mr. Bell’s artificial knees ached and his feet were mapped with blisters, but he told friends and strangers that he was determined to make it on foot from his home in eastern Oregon to New York City, where his son, Jadin, 15, had dreamed of one day working in fashion or photography. “I miss my son Jadin with all my heart and soul,” he wrote on Facebook in late May. “I know you’re with me on this walk.”

But last Wednesday, Mr. Bell’s American journey — one that drew attention from local newspapers and attracted thousands of followers on social media — ended in an instant on a two-lane road in rural eastern Colorado. He was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer whose driver had apparently fallen asleep, the state police said.

For nearly six months, Mr. Bell, 48, had been on the road, sharing his son’s story and trying to salve his own grief. He spoke at motorcycle rallies and college bars, schools, diners and gay-outreach centers, telling people about his sensitive, artistic son who hanged himself from a piece of playground equipment on Jan. 19….

Will Smith shares his secrets of success (by AccelerateMe


Oscars: James would you be so kind to be a co-host to attract young female viewers to our show?
James: Ummmm why can't I host by myself?
Oscars: Well we need to have a hot young actress to attract old creepy men to watch our show too.
James: Well I'll only do that for you if I'm allowed to get blazed and you toss in an Oscar Nomination for me:
Oscars: Deal
Me: She said if you lost 20 to 30 pounds and got in shape that "you would OWN Hollywood".
Myself: But so many people say you look fine the way you are. Even that series regular actress friend of yours referred you to her casting director.
Me: Did you get called in.. have you been called in?
Myself: No
Me: Then maybe it is time to resort back to plan A.

Spread thin…

I’ve wanted to blog for a long time.. I’ve bought multiple domains and come up with all sort of labels for myself… “brands” as some industry professionals would say. Now I have multiple venues with different identities.

Twitter: /BeTheLead… because I believe I have taken a back seat in my own life for quite some time and I have always been the support, pinch hitter, understudy in everything I do.

Youtube: /David Vanity… because I was living in my van and I was documenting the struggle of being a LA Actor and being homeless.. well I’m not homeless anymore and I don’t want to use my /dchaverty tag because it says nothing about me and has old stupid videos up there that honestly I like having there like a keepsake. or

Youtube: /LAlocals.. a place to post videos of places I go just because I need practice editing and getting my feet wet in posting videos regularly.

Youtube: /EncoreDemos.. a place to put final draft cuts of clients demo reels

Vimeo: /EncoreDemos… same

Youtube: /BeTheLead… ok so I just made this new youtube channel to be just for my performance videos and demo reels clips of myself.. maybe that should be my new brand.. BE THE LEAD

Blogger: I have connected with my out of date website.. I don’t use it but I was trying to use that for strictly posting NEWS about my career.. hence the lack of use. Nothing has been happening with my acting career.

And now TUMBLR… what will you do for me Tumblr? Will you be an easy interface that will inspire me to use you daily? Will you be just what I needed to get all these thoughts in my head out and in the air to free up the stress I put on myself? What is to come…?